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About us

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Dr Bloom Inc. is proud to be leading the trend in "safe mom" jewelry, giving moms practical and fashionable accessory options. Dr. Bloom states "What you allow babies to chew on is so important for the healthy development of their teeth. When babies chew, there are several factors that play a role in the item being safe and promoting healthy development. Babies need the right combination of shape, size, material, hardness and resiliency to promote healthy developing teeth, not destroy them."

Our jewelry aren't just for babies, anymore We have made our products a mainstream model for anyone that has a sensory integration and/or chewing disorders, i.e., autism, celebral palsy, Down Syndrome. Our products can be used as a tool for calming down or relaxing during stressful situations.

To learn more about our Chewable Jewels™ or get helpful tips from Dr. Helen Bloom-Smith, click Here to our blog "Dr Bloom's Baby Talk."

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